Sectors - Glass Industry

Focusflame Limited is an industrial combustion engineering company.

Lighting Industry

Focusflame manufacture and supply gas burners for all aspects of Lamp Manufacturing some typical examples are: Hot Cutting, Edge Melting, Forming, Anealling, Sealing and many other specialised flame impingement processes.

Glass Container Industry

Focusflame design and supply gas burners for secondary manufacturing processes of glass containers some typical examples are: Bottles, Jars, Ampoules, Vials, Beer Glasses, Wine Glasses, Oven Ware and Scientific Glass.

Quartz Glass Industry

Focusflame manufacture complete combustion control systems for the quartz glass fabrication industry typical examples are: Quartz Glass Resizing Lathes, Torches for Bell Jar Manufacture and general fabrication work

Technical Glass Industry

Focusflame design and manufacture special burners and control systems for all aspects of technical glass manufacturing.

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